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 Superior Interactive Web Starter Kit


Does this sound like you.
  • You need a web presence like yesterday.
  • You are short on cash.
  • You already know what you need.
  • You need to be able to change information
    at will and you don't know any html.
  • You have a product to sell.

You don't have to suffer any longer. We have the answer to your business problem.

Superior Interactive Web Starter Kit

What is the Web Starter Kit?
Our Web Starter Kit is a low cost, low maintenance web site of which you may be able to manage yourself. Don't worry if you don't know any web programming language. We can assist you with that. Within 5 to 10 minutes of training, you will be able to change your text whenever you need.

What’s Included in Web Starter Kit?

Custom MP3 Player
Your visitors can hear your music or an audio message from you.

A Basic Custom Contact Form
You can gather information about your site visitor.

A Custom Graphic Header
Your site won’t be boring. We add a little eye candy.

Domain Name (www.yoursite.com)
Included in the price is the cost of your website’s name.

Web Hosting
Included in the price is the cost for hosting/storing your files Online.

The Ability To Edit Text Yourself
Depending on the style of the page design, you may be able to change the
body content of your page whenever you desire.

A Product Shopping Cart
Sell your book, CD or any other product Online.

PayPal Thank You & Cancel Pages
Have a more professional look when a person purchases your product. You can have a message for your potential customers based on their buying decision.

A Business Email Account
Look professional by having your potential clients contact you by email. Your potential clients will not have to use your personal/private email address.

A 24 – 72 hour Turn Around
Dependant upon the design and our current work demand, you can have your site completed in less than 72 hours or your second page is free.

Free E-Book
Who Gives A Tweet? How To Effectively Use Twitter

If you’re not using Twitter, you better get moving. Twitter is an excellent social media tool that can help you increase the number of your site visitors or possibly increase sales.

You can easily pay hundreds of dollars for a small ad in the yellow pages. Just to advertise in your local newspaper is expensive also. If you wanted to advertise in one issue of popular magazine you’ll pay hundreds of dollars.

We believe that advertising or promoting your business Online should not be expensive. Some design firms charge more for the web consultation than we do for our Web Starter Kit.

It’s not uncommon to pay $300 and higher for a basic web presence. You won’t even have to pay $197.

This package could easily cost you $147. We have included many add-ons and we will put in hard work to make sure you’re represented well on the Internet.

You will not even pay $97. You’re getting a self-editing web site for less than $100. Amazing, isn’t it?

To get started right away, fill out the form on the right to request a free consultation regarding your desire to purchase a Web Starter Kit.

Again, here is what is included:
  1. Custom MP3 Player
  2. Custom Graphic Header
  3. Domain Name (www.yoursite.com)
  4. Web Hosting
  5. The Ability To Edit Text Yourself
  6. A Product Shopping Cart
  7. PayPal Thank You & Cancel Pages
  8. A Business Email Account
  9. A 24 – 72 Hour Turn Around
Free E-Book "Who Gives A Tweet?" How To Effectively Use Twitter


You are getting all 10 features
for One-Time Investment of $97 $87

Yes you read correctly. $87 gets you or your business Online in less than 72 hours; allowing you to scratch that entrepreneurial itch and start making some money.

Fill out the form on the right and will contact you right away so you can get started.

We respect your privacy. We promise not to sell or give out your email. The   information that we collect from this form will assist us when we make follow-up   contact with you. See our policy page to learn more in regards to how we handle   your information.


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