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How to prepare for your web site design

There are numerous things that you will need to have in order prior to moving forward with having a web site designed for you. Below are some "must haves" which will help speed up the development process.
  1. Think about your look and feel of the site:
    What colors or theme do you want to follow
    How will your page navigation be arranged

  2. Gather your information (text) and arrange it in a digital format
    We prefer that all of your textual information be given in a Microsoft Word format.

  3. Gather any images you would like incorporated in the design of site
    It is best to have your images scanned and submitted on CD or flash drive
    We can scan them for a low fee.
    Make sure images are clean.

  4. Set up your PayPal account if you plan to sell products
    Go to http://www.paypal.com to set on up.
    Setting up an PayPal account is just as easy as setting up an email account.
    You must have a checking account or savings account.
    You will need to know your account number and routing number to your bank.
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