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  About Superior Interactive: How We Do It

Web Consultation
This our get to know one another time. We get a “feel” for one another to ensure that we are a good fit for one another. Your time and money are valuable and precious. We use this time to understand your ideas, goals and overall business objectives.
Web Site Proposal
After gathering all the information needed to fully understand your project, we provide a concrete and detailed proposal jam-packed with creative and effective ideas to help your site strive in its industry.

Acceptance of Proposal
Once the proposal is sent out and you had a chance to look it over, we like to schedule a review session where we clarify certain aspects and answer any questions you may have. Now we officially start our business relationship and begin the drive to success!

Planning of Web Design
This is the start of Superior Interactive 5-Phase process. Our main objective in the initial phase is to create and provide documentation and wire frames of your site’s overall framework and functionality. Once all documentation is created and approved, we move forward with the actual development.

Actual Design of Web Site
Here’s the fun part for us! We are information architects who have the knack of taking verbal words and pictures and creating a visual master piece. Not only will you web site be visually appealing, it will be structurally sound.

Development of Web Site
This is where we add the polish to your site. We gain a grasp of what you like plus what is in demand in your niche and we smooth out the rough edges. We listen to our clients. We give them what they ask for and more. Because we are professionals, you expect us to make educated decisions on your behalf. Nevertheless because we are always in contact with you, nothing will be done to upset you. The only shock you’ll get is one of amazement. 

Beta Tests
Before we go live to the Internet, we are always beta testing your web site. You’ll never have a situation where you’ll pay us to create a web site and we turn around and give you a web site that we declare finished and expect you to pay for a incomplete project. This a crucial point in the project where you poke and prod as you look the web site over with a fine tooth comb. If everything is well with you, we have you sign off and then we post everything to your personal hosting account.

Public Viewing (Go live)
 This is the big day. We post your site to your domain name/hosting account. We then begin our stealthy ninja Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics. We want to get you showing up in the main search engines right away. When people type in words related to your web site (key words) our goal is for you show up in a prominent way.

Let our experienced team take your business to the next level by increasing your site’s online exposure. Whether it’s getting you to the top of major search engines or submitting social media links, we follow optimal and ethical practices to drive targeted visitors to your business. We won’t get your web site banned by doing sneaky and illegal tricks.

Let us create marketing campaigns for you by which we will be measuring results (i.e. traffic generation, E-mail signups) and implementing the necessary changes and updates to further foster the growth of your business.

Ongoing Support
Superior Interactive provides all our clients with one month of free maintenance and support after the initial launch of your site. Your success is our success. We want you to look good. We don’t just take your money and run. We’re about building a long lasting partnership.